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History of the GFS, INC.

Since the start of the Golfing For Success, Inc program in 2013 GFS, Inc has hosted different character building events. GFS, Inc also has created youth events to improve the quality of their life, including golf banquets and motivational speakers, proper golf instruction and seminars on current opportunities in golf and life. GFS, Inc hosted a Summer Youth Golf Camp and provided mentorship in life and golf.  The program also provides leadership in golf course maintenance skills. During the summer camp GFS, Inc provided reading and course design sessions to improve on the cognitive aspect of learning.  The program provides a Golf Conditioning Program for improvement of learning basic golf skills and prepares advance golfers for golf competition.



Golfing For Success, Inc will introduce golf as an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Youth and their families will get to spend time together, in a great outdoor environment, having fun, and creating lifelong memories. GFS, Inc. will provide community-based solutions and proposals to address problems including, but not limited to, environmental, physical education/recreation, health, education, and economics. Therefore the program not only introduce youth and family members to basic golf swing fundamentals, game playing strategies, simplified rules and etiquette, but how to live a better life through making better decisions on and off  the golf course. GFS, Inc. will partner with other agencies, recommended or non-recommended to aide our participants in developing skills to live a better quality of life.

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