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Golf Instruction

From beginners to Competing players, Golfing for Success, Inc. is the place to improve. Our staff of instructors are dedicated and trained to help players of all levels achieve their goals.

Golfing Gurus teach their specialized skills to the golf game, but fundamentals stand the test of time. The fundamentals we teach are described as “Constructs” and have remained constant and are proven to have worked for countless golfers of all levels. We use these fundamental constructs to help the individual identify his or her weaknesses and through a designed practice program, help them play golf more efficiently.

GFS, Inc. teaches in 1 and ½ hour sessions.

Our instructors follow this process:

  1. Interview

  2. Evaluation and Analysis

  3. Coaching and reinforcement of constructs

The first part of this process is the interview process. We believe this is critical because the instructor gets a feel for the client’s experience and ability but more importantly what his or her goals are.


The second part of the process is evaluation and analysis. After watching the client hit a few shots, the instructor will ask detailed questions about his or her game while capturing the shots using video analysis. After illustrating, evaluating, and analyzing the client’s motion on video, the instructor will identify the one or two constructs that can make a difference. During this time the client will be sent an e-mail of the video and analysis for review after they have returned home to practice.


In the final part of the process, the client gets a clear understanding on how to practice the one or two constructs the instructor identified as being key issues. In this critical coaching phase, the client leaves with specific drills to use at home to target his or her flaws. Therefore, GFS, Inc. will either construct a complete golf routine of play or re-construct partial golf routines of play for each client.


We use different local facilities, and different ranges in the area, as well as, indoor/outdoor PGA equipment to teach skills and complete on-course sessions.


Home Sessions/Range /Tee Box

This is where we master the golf fundamentals, building solid constructs, developing a correct swing plane that is easily repeatable. From the grip to take-away to body rotation to follow-through, we’ll sequentially address each element of the golf swing. 

Clients develop the construct of rhythm and balance to get clean contact, more distance and greater accuracy with their driver and longer distance clubs.



We’ll discuss handling bunkers, deep rough and other specialized shots, while teaching constructs to manage your game around the golf course to avoid problems and set up opportunities for better scoring.


Short Game

This is where better scoring happens, and important constructs are taught and skills are developed. We’ll work on the different constructs of chipping and pitching shots that will let clients place a high approach shot on the green or run a chip up close to the pin. Clients will learn the construct of controlling the contact, spin, trajectory and roll of the golf ball to get precisely the results they’re looking for.



Grip, set-up, stance; we’ll teach every construct of the putting stroke. We'll teach different kinds of putting techniques to help the client create a consistent swing line, contact and pace. The client will have golf drills they can take to the course to get them prepared for every round. We will teach a smooth stroke, and teach constructs of reading greens, targeting and touch to get the ball to drop with regularity.



This is an interesting and valuable change of pace, to see how the construct are really working under the variable conditions on the course. 


Sessions can be separate @ $40.00 per Golf session or in a Package  

Golf Package. $ 395.00 per Package/ Video Analysis plus a Golf shirt (discounted)

  • 6 Instructional Sessions /with Cognitive literature  

  • 2 Client sessions (Client decides what is needed to work on)

  • 2* Instructional rounds


Package Includes (but not limited to)

  1. Club Position, Swing plane, Impact drills

  2. Tee Box, Routine, alignment, tee shots, ground shots

          *Instructional Round (Extra $20.00 per round)                                                          

     3.) Fairway, Sand Trap, tree line/low limbs

     4.) Approach, sand trap, quiet Body, flag placement

     5.) Chipping Long/Short, distance and landing spot

     6.) Putting, Lag, Reading Break, 2 putt


     2. Client sessions- remediation of skills

           * Instructional Round

Golf Instruct 2

Golf Instruct 2

Golf Instruct

Golf Instruct

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Equipment for playing golf

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Golf Club and Ball

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