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GFS Board of Directors 

Mr. Tyrone Spaulding: PRESIDENT

Mr. Tyrone Spaulding, founder, and director of the program, put over 30 years of his perceptions and vision into Golfing For Success, Inc. After 27 years of developing championship basketball programs and 3 years of developing an elite golf program. Mr. Spaulding has developed a great Board of Directors to help him manage a program that will change the lives of many youth and their families.

Ms. Barbara Ann Upperman: SECRETARY/ TREASURER
Ms. Barbara Upperman Retired from the Henry County Board of Education teaching in the area of Special Education.  She has had over 25 years experience working with children with special needs. Ms. Upperman also has 18 years experience with American Airlines as a Customer Service Trainer for management.  

Mr. Charlie H. Tomlinson: DIRECTOR
  Mr. Charlie Tomlinson, a retired county administrator will also provide expertise with regards to county matters. He has been involved in many housing projects in the Henry County area. His knowledge will be very beneficial in connecting youth and their families to services. 

Mr. James C. Mays: DIRECTOR

Mr. James Mays, a local attorney will provide legal assistance and interpretation of legal issues as they arise. He is a retired Air Force Pilot Trainer and a former professor at Clark Atlanta University. He also has a concern for youth through working with the Juvenile Courts of Henry County.

Mr. Donald E. Scott: DIRECTOR

Mr. Donald Scott, a retired teacher/ coach will provide his expertise as needed in a coaching and mentoring capacity. Mr. Scott provided many years of assistance to the youth programs in the Michigan School System. He brings much experience as a mentor to both youth and their families. 


Mrs. Sharon Bryant Zellner: DIRECTOR

Ms. Sharon Zellner will offer assistance with regards to counseling and other mental health matters. She is the Owner of an agency with a great recovery record for both youth and adults.  

Rev. Dr. James Alexander: DIRECTOR

Rev. Dr. James Alexander is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation Administrator and will provide expertise on those issues if needed. He works with a Court appointed program for youth and adults.


Mr. Bruce Holmes: DIRECTOR

Mr. Bruce Holmes, a member of the Henry County BOC, and NAACP, offers expertise with regards to county matters. Mr. Holmes is a former NFL player who has a passion for youth and developing programs to enhance the lives of youth. 

Mr. Dwight Johnson, Sr.: DIRECTOR

Mr. Dwight Johnson is a business owner that will provide his expertise with regards to establishing business entity and give assistance with the physical training of program participants.  Mr. Johnson is a former NFL player who is the founder of a local sports training facility and will help in the training aspect of the program.

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